"To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right"

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RD's Message

Regional Director
Ym. Anand Jacob Verghese

I thank God Almighty for bestowing on me the opportunity to assume the office of the Regional Director, South India Region of Y’s Men International. I took over the office with humility and sense of responsibility, in accordance with the constitutional mandate and I consider it as a great honour to follow the footsteps of the great leaders of the movement

I consider it appropriate to continue the programs and projects already set by my predecessor, Late E. Radhakrishnan and I appeal to the club leaders and members to successfully organize projects on the theme, ‘Go Green”, to protect our environment and preserve nature. The RD’s project for the Year 2016-17 is “Care for the Elderly and the Infirm”. Clubs shall organise Projects aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the poor “aged & sick”, in our communities.

Membership drive is counted as a yardstick for acceptability of an organization by the community. By giving emphasis on the slogan, ‘ ‘Each One, Catch One’, ‘ let us increase the membership and help the International to attain its vision of 50,000 members for the centenary year 2022.

I look forward to the enthusiastic club leaders and members to extend their cooperation and support in achieving the goals set for the year. I am sure that with the wholehearted support of the club, the guidance of the senior leaders and support of my team members, I will be able to do my best for the development of Y’s Men movement in the Region.

I earnestly appeal to you all to work towards achieving the goals set for the year 2016-17 and together we contribute to our great movement to carry forward its mission to help people in need, around the world.

Best Wishes,
Yours Y’sly,

South India Regional Team 2016-17

Regional Director
Ym. Anand Jacob Verghese

No.15, IV Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai. 600 020
Mobile: 98405 82828
Email: ajvrd2017@gmail.com

PRD.Y’sm.Mohan Punnen

P-44, 17th Street,
Annan Nagar,
Chennai - 600 040
Email: mpunnen@yahoo.co.in

PRD.Y’sm.George Thomas

# 301, Festive Park Apart, 2nd Cross,
HMR Layout, Gokula Extn,
Bangalore – 560 034.
Mobile: 9342534129
e-mail: rajupu@gmail.com

Regional Secretary
HRM.Y’sm.C. Robin

Flat No.2, Archana Palace,
4/25, St. Patrick Church Road,
St. Thomas Mount,
Chennai - 600 016
Email: ysmrobin@gmail.com
Ph: 9444057770

Regional Bulletin Editor
PWAF.Y’sm.Mohan Daniel

C-4, Excel Nest,
38, Krishnapuram Street,
Chennai - 600 094
Email: mohandaniels@gmail.com
Ph: 9841074841

Regional Joint Secretary

4/369, Chari Avenue,
Anna Salai, Palavakkam,
Chennai - 600 041
Email: ysmmadan@gmail.com
Ph: 9500050051

Regional Treasurer

Plot. No: 5/2, "PORUNAI"
TSD Nagar (Extn.),Arumbakkam
Chennai - 600 106
Email: ysmranga@gmail.com
Ph: 9841017058

Regional Web Master
Y’sm. Bimal Chandran

Bangalore 560093
Email: bimal@corecompt.com
Ph: 8147016668

Roll of Honour

S. No. Name Tenure Phone Email
1 Ym. (Late) T.R. Rajaraman 1980-81    
2 Ym. (Late) B.R. Bhote 1981-82    
3 Ym. (Late) A. Jawahar 1982-83    
4 Ym. (Late) J. Victor Lawrance 1983-84    
5 Ym. (Late) E.R. Deivasigamony 1984-85    
6 Ym. (Late) T.K. Easow 1985-86    
7 Ym. (Late) Dr. K.C.G. Verghese 1986-87    
8 Ym. (Late) Dr. J. Chandranmohan 1987-88    
9 Ym C.D. Jose 1988-89 98403 60377 ismsmssw@gmail.com
10 Ym. Thomas Zacharia 1989-90 93875 09627  
11 Ym. (Late) K.V. Mathew 1990-91    
12 Ym. Thomas V. Jain 1991-92 94434 54754  
13 Ym. (Late) N. Haridoss 1992-93    
14 YM. Dr. M. Jeevan 1993-94 94421 67767 jeevan42@gmail.com
15 Ym. C.A. George 1994-95 98400 93480 cageorge32@eth.com
16 Ym. Subramani Rajebettan 1995-96 98948 95137  
17 Ym. G.K. Pattery 1996-97 94449 09860 gk_pattery@yahoo.com
18 Ym. K.M. Kailasam 1997-98 94433 53554  
19 Ym. C.P. Thomas 1998-99 98400 47248 thomas_cp@yahoo.com
20 Ym. Dr. M.C. Thomas 1999-00 98457 72417 mcthomas@airtelmail.com
21 Ym. Mohan Punnen 2000-01 98400 28289 mpunne@yahoo.co.in
22 Ym. N. Gnanamani 2001-02 98421 44065 ngsuhi@hotmail.com
23 Ym. George Thomas 2002-03 98404 21234 geeteejane@hotmail.com
24 Ym. Dr. Paul S Chellappa 2003-04 94431 27566 chellappa56@yahoo.com
25 Ym. (Late) Manoj Babu 2004-05    
26 Ym. (Late) Joy Mathews 2005-06    
27 Ym Jose Mani 2006-07 98450 50001 panjose@airtelmail.com
28 Ym. S.S. Tyagarajan 2007-08 99404 69993 tyag1942@yahoo.co.in
29 Ym Dr. K.C. Samuel 2008-09 99457 55305 kcsam@rediffmail.com
30 Ym P.V. Kurian 2009-10 98450 10304 pvk@joyind.com
31 Ym Jacob Verghese 2010-11 98860 52954 jacob25@sify.com
32 Ym. N. Ramesh 2011-12 93627 45735 vsnramesh@gmail.com
33 Ym. Janardanan K.K 2012-13 98414 06608 janardanan_k@yahoo.com
34 Ym. C.R. Ragunadhan 2013-14 94435 44158 rraghunandhan55@gmail.com
35 Ym. Aby Abraham 2014-15 080 23641811 / 098450278 abyrd1415@gmail.com
36 Ym. K.V. Jose 2015-16 9880440363 Jose_kv@vsnl.net
37 Ym. Late E.Radhakrishnan 2016-2016 (Sep)
38 YSm Anand Jacob 2016- 98405 82828 ajvrd2017@gmail.com

Our History

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1922 to support a local YMCA, Y's Men International is now oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA, the largest non-governmental youth organisation, and through it the communities in which it is present throughout the world. Since the YMCA is usually known as "the Y" in the USA, and as the Y's Men movement started there as a club of "men of and for the Y", it was named the "Y's Men's Club".

Judge Paul William Alexander (pictured) was the founder of the first club together with a group of other young men.

However, today women are also full members of our movement and family participation is encouraged in numerous activities. Since 1995 local affiliated clubs wishing to emphasize this openness can choose to call themselves "Y's Men and Women's Clubs" or "Y Service Clubs". Members are known as Y's Men or Y's Women.


Y's Men's Prayer

Lord, bless all Y’s Men gathered here
Our fellowship with thee held dear
Grant that our meeting might be blessed
With thee our ever unseen guest.
Bless Y’s Men’s Clubs through out the earth
Grant each of them a new re-birth
To serve each other, give them life
To save the world from further strife.

Y's Menette's Prayer

God bless all Y’s Menettes here
And all whom we hold dear
As now we pray
To every Y’s Menette far and near
We pledge devotion most sincere
New zeal our hearts imbue
And consecrate ourselves anew.

Y's Ling's Prayer

Lord bless all the Y’s Lings here
Keep us always in thy love and care
Help us to do things we should
And be to others both kind and good
Develop us in our Body, Mind and Spirit
So that the Y’s Men’s Club we may inherit.

Pledge to the Nation

Great and dear Mother land
We salute Thee
We pledge our loyalty
And promise our best efforts
To bring Thee honour and glory
We acknowledge our duty to thee
And pray that we be Worthy citizens of the nation – Jaihind

Our Motto

"To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right."

This motto was adopted by Y's Men because of the tendency of most people to insist upon full enjoyment of all rights while remaining oblivious to the corresponding duties giving validity to such rights.

Just as the green light giving right of way to traffic on one street must have a corresponding red light to warn traffic on the cross-street of its duty to stop, so every right we enjoy is founded upon a corresponding duty.

Our motto is a constant challenge to us to pay less heed to our rights, and more to the discovery and discharge of their corresponding duties - to transfer the emphasis from rights to duties.

Regional Slogan
Never give up

RD's Theme
To serve with love

What it means to be a member

Y's Men's Clubs, also known widely as Y's Service Clubs, are community service clubs for both men and women. Their work centres around the YMCA but then what kind of work is it?

It is many things……

  • It is anything from volunteering at the front desk, to taking kids to asthma camps, to patching leaks of all kinds.
  • It is helping kids who can’t afford to go to camp. It is helping buy a new van for the local YMCA, a wheel chair for a needy person or building swimming pools to help make the 'YMCA' a fun place to be.
  • It's getting cots for child care, cabinets for the offices, giving your small coats to more needy kids. It's getting cans and cans of paint and helping paint an old building.
  • It is making the time to help mark the football field.
  • It is scholarships for the young people who plan to pursue a YMCA career.
  • It is volunteers who serve on YMCA boards and committees, who work as coaches, referees, and umpires, who rebuild cabin roofs, remodel rooms and who paint, clean and fix-up.
  • It's eye clinics in India, teachers in Thailand, an educational centre in Papua New Guinea, and outreach to kids in Kenya. It's antique shows and auctions, book sales and breakfasts, Christmas tree sales and carnivals, dinners and dances, Easter breakfasts and everything in between to raise funds and lend support to the YMCAs and their immediate community.
  • "The dedication of the Y's Men and Women is just unreal. They are the backbone of our programs in terms of volunteers. They don’t turn down anything you ask them to do. They are a group that makes things happen."

Kuvempunagara School project

A Documentary on a School Project in a Bangalore Slum by Y's Men's Club of Bangalore METRO